Business Private Client

An ALTAIF Business Client (ABC) Account is available to all organizations wishing for a fast, easy, and secure method of foreign exchange. Since 2003, ALTAIF has been serving both small and major companies, providing a convenient method of bulk currency exchange tailored for firms in any industry. Here is what an ABC Account would offer your business:

  • connect you directly with management (either in-store or corporate)
  • provide additional privileges
  • guaranteed exclusive and more affordable rates

To create an ABC Account, call our main office, or visit one of our brick-and-morter stores!

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Customer service

As part of ALTAIF's business solutions, ABC-registered companies will have privileged access to both in-store and corporate management. Whether at a brick-and-mortar store or in-need of upper management, ALTAIF guarantees uncompromised and fast customer service for all our business clients.

Affordable rates

Having an ABC Account is perfect for businesses that frequently convert currencies, saving you possibly thousands of dollars! We recognize the stressful overhead for businesses that need to exchange their money at often exorbitant rates in other financial institutions. That's why, at ALTAIF, we've worked out the best cash exchange rates for companies, unseen in any other firms in Canada! While ALTAIF rates are already incredibly cheap, we continue to serve both local and corporate brands to the best of our ability and the maximum satisfaction of our business-ended clients at inexpensive and reasonable rates!